My name is Harsha Sanjeeva.
I'm a full stack developer
based in the silicon valley San Jose, California.


I'm a full-stack developer from San Jose, CA. Since I was a kid I've always loved to create things. My passion for web design sparked during a summer course at BMS College of Engineering; our class just barely got a taste for html, but I was instantly hooked. Since then I've taken multiple design courses that base around creating the finest products possible for specified businesses and individuals. I'm constantly learning and improving my skills in any way I can.

* A graduate student in Computer Engineering with more than two years of industry experience in Software Development. Highly passionate to work in a development environment where they put my intellect to challenge.

* Currently working as Full Stack Developer at Konviv - an early stage startup focused on building a financial management application under the University of California, Berkeley umbrella.

* Focused on Developing Full Stack applications which are highly scalable, distributed, enterprise standard software products, focusing mainly on MEAN/MERN (Mongo DB, Express, Angular/React, NodeJs) stack.

* Implemented various Software Engineering methods like agile, scrum, design patterns and MVC architecture. I also have an intermediate level of knowledge in Python and big data analytics.I'm here to make visions into functional and sustainable products. Let's create something awesome together.

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Key Areas

Full Stack Development, Native/Mobile Application development and Data Science

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BNP Paribas
Konviv, Berkeley, CA
Full Stack Developer

September 2017 - Present

• Developed a Financial management MVP application which helps the users to manage their money more effectively by doing analytics and prediction based on their previous transaction history - Plaid. Created a native mobile application for 500 Users.

• The client front end part of the application is built using Ionic 2, Cordova, Angular 2. Designed for both IOS and Android.

• The backend part of the application is built using the Nodejs for handling all the routes using the express. Implemented single sign-on from Facebook, Gmail and linked using OAuth 2.0. Encrypted username and password using the bcrypt encryption.

• Deep learning model is implemented to predict the category size for each of the users based on the user's previous transactions and do the analytics. This model is written in python which is called using the child processes forked from the Nodejs Server. User's transaction data is stored in Relational Database System (RDS) in AWS using MySQL hosted on EC2.

• Tech: Ionic 2, Angular 4, NodeJS, AWS, EC2, RDS, MySQL, DL model, ML algorithm, Encryption, ES 6, HTML 5, CSS.

BNP Paribas
RPNC Systems, Piscataway, NJ
Summer Software Intern

June 2017 - August 2017

Páginas Amarelas
San Jose State University
Teaching Assistant

Jan 2017 - present

Páginas Amarelas
Associate Software Engineer

June 2015 - August 2016


Portfolio - IBV MEXICO

GitHub Battle

• Developed a React application that allows to battle GitHub users based on their contributions made and reputation of the repos.
• The application features famous GitHub profiles based on the user’s interests.

  • ReactJs
  • NodeJs
  • GitHub API
Portfolio - IBV MEXICO

Spartan Chatbot

Built a Chatbot application for San Jose State for providing all the information respective to their course and university.
Tech: AI algorithm, NLP, IBM Watson, Azure, IBM LUIS, IBM Bot Services, Accuracy: 96%

  • AI
  • NLP


• The purpose is to build a secure application to track the users using the location of their phone and restrict their app activities.
• Identify and block any untrusted user trying to fake their location. Recommend places based on their current location.

  • Angular 2
  • NodeJS
  • Ionic 2
  • Google Maps API
  • MongoDBI

Online Food Ordering Application

This is an online food shopping application. The application is built using the Angular2 at the front end, NodeJS at the backend
the data is hosted on the google firebase. Items in the cart, checked out using their current location and verified payment.
Users can login using their google plus account or Facebook account.

  • Angular 2/4
  • NodeJS
  • Facebook authentication
  • stripe for payment verification

Recommendation System

• Created Collaborative filtering model that learns from the user profiles to provide personalized recommendations for movies.
• Retrieve and analyse information like movie rating, user’s likes and category of the movie regarding the application.

  • Spark
  • K Nearest Neighbors
  • Python

Distributed DOS Botnet Simulation

Implemented Master Slave Botnet Model with java as programming language and Linux as platform. The master can select specific slave system(s),
the target server, number of connections, input extension URL and disconnect specific slave(s).
Simulated DDoS attack using in both TCP and HTTP protocols. Technology used: Java, Apache Tomcat, TCP/IP, OSPF.

  • Java
  • DDoS
  • TCP/IP
  • Apache

Focused On

Full Stack Development

Data Science